Saying Hello!

Hi everyone, hello and welcome to Be.Gifting and Living. I am honoured to have you come around our corner of the net, to look at what we have in store for you.

First of all, let me introduce myself, I am Monica, the founder and creative owner and director behind the Be. store. I am a medical doctor, personal stylist, wife, mum and now business owner. But to keep it simple, I love gifting for the everyday.

Why? My story..

In 2014, one very normal morning, I was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. I have always been healthy my whole life, however the winter of 2014, I had the flu and just seemed to have never recovered. Being diagnosed with this chronic condition was life changing to say the least. I went from a care free girl who enjoyed her food and activities, to one who was constantly having to monitor my sugars, finger pricking and numerous insulin injections in a day, carb counting, activity planning just to survive. It is an art really, one I am still learning. 

But what this shock diagnosis taught me was this. Life is too short, to not live it to the fullest. It can change in a snap of a finger and if we allow it to go past us, it simply would.

With all this, I simply felt I had to spread the message of living and gifting for the everyday. We don't have to wait for the special occasions to gift and celebrate. We don't have to wait for a public event or holiday to send someone a special package; hence the birth of Be Gifting and Living. It is a simple reminder of how precious our daily moments are, and how important it is for us to find those moments and celebrate them.

So I thank you for coming around, and I do hope you find something special to treat yourself or someone special to.

Whether it's a 'I am thinking of you' or 'Congratulation on your new home' occasion, we have something for the everyday moments worth celebrating!

I hope you enjoy this store as much as I have enjoyed creating this journey for you.

Much love.

Monica & the team @Be Gifting and Living

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