How will my order arrive?

Each gift set or product will be carefully wrapped and delivered to the address supplied, with an individual hand written gift message.

Where are these items sourced from?

Monica, founder and designer, designs her own range, from womens clutch bags and a jewellery line which will be featured in these boxes. Apart from that, Monica also loves bespoke items, sourcing her items from far and wide. We value local businesses within Australia, hence you will also be spoilt by many handmade items from local and talented businesses.

Will there be a range of gift boxes to choose from?

Absolutely. From time to time, we will feature a limited edition box to suit a season of the year, or a season of celebration. Be sure to look out for our latest items and collection throughout our social media sites, on Instagram and on Facebook. And if you would like to share your purchase, please do, using #begives , we would love to see it!

How soon will I receive my order?

We will dispatch your beautiful boxes within 2 business days from the time your order is received.

What is your returns and refunds policy?

Unfortunately all sales are final at point of purchase. However, we also do take into consideration that sometimes items received on your end may have been damaged in transition. Should this happen, we ask that you contact us via email at monica@bebymonica.com within 5 days of you receiving your order, together with a picture of said items. We will endeavour to resolve this issue with the postal company, and will be more than happy to replace the damaged item.

What is your cancelation policy?

If you change your mind once the purchase is made, simply email us at monica@bebymonica.com within one hour of purchase. We appreciate your business and would be happy to oblige within said time, and cancel your order, but will not accept emails received outside of this time.

I am a business and would like to have my product considered for the ‘Be.Gifting and Living’ boxes. What do I do next?

We would love to hear from you! We love small businesses, we love local businesses, we love organic and handmade. So if you feel your product may suit our range, please send us an email at monica@bebymonica.com and we would love to connect. Thank you!